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Saint Sir Arilus Styx, The Ticketmaster of Darkmoon, Empire of the Iron Mountains

”If it's not fun anymore, why bother?”



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Prior to Founding Western Gate in June of 1999 in St. Louis, MO... had been a member of a boffer group by the name of Kingdom of the Broken Crown. Discovered the Amtgard rulebook online while researching new weapons building techniques for the KBC group.

Enjoying the idea of a class / magic / archery rule system, broke off from KBC and signed the Amtgard contract in early June of 1999 as the first sheriff of Western Gate, along with Champion Vincent Thorne and Prime Minister Bleeding Heart. In attendance that same first day of WG was Baron Sir Tanath Lagoon, currently of Knight's Rest, in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore.

Held various positions at varying levels of park over time, including Baron, Duke, Prince(Praetor), PM, and GMR.

Inactive from game (unsuccessful retirement) for most of the period from 2009 - 2021.

Reactivated in June of 2021 in the Duchy of Darkmoon, in the Empire of the Iron Mountains.

Currently serving on the BOD Iron Mountains.

Affiliated Groups

Nighthawks Eyas

Prior group affiliations are many, and so far in the past to mean virtually nothing at all at this point.

Belted Family

Although I recognize the belt line name of Nemoralis for historical reasons, it was passed to me as a prank for all of around 10 minutes prior to my belting. Having never been a true squire to another knight, I claim the name family name of Styx as the name of my beltline from this point forward. - Sir Arilus Styx

Sir Arilus Styx - Knight of the Flame

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