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Sir Aiolos, of Tori-Mar CK.

”An indicative quote”


Current Park Tori Mar
Kingdom CK
Year Started 2000
Company The Chosen
Noble Title Knight of the Sword, Warlord

Started playing in 2000 at Griffin's Keep. In 2004, moved to Austin for college and played at Avalon's Gate until the death of that park. Currently plays primarily at Tori-Mar. Is a lefty. Also known as BigTex in Griffon's Keep. Started playing Amtgard with Kotex and another bunch of fellows called the Tex's. He stopped playing in the Keep because of constant harassment from the Waton. He takes Waco's lunch money on a daily basis.

Affiliated Groups

High Priest of The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood of the Chosen, Holy Warriors of BoB the Unforgiving.

Belted Family

Aiolos was squired to Clalibus before Clalibus' three belts were stripped in 2017.

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Notable Accomplishments

Celestial Kingdom Weaponmaster 2014


Other Images

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