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Man at Arms Adand Grene, of Sun's Haven, Dragonspine

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Although Adand Grene has only been in Amtgard for a short time, he has already made a big impression. He started by assisting the Prime Minister at the time, Sajarin, with all the bookkeeping tasks. When the time came for elections, he then ran and was elected into the position of Prime Minister of the Dutchy of Sun's Haven. As a crafter, Adand has been learning machine and hand sewing techniques. Most notably is the beautiful hand work he has done on his twin fox belt favor.

Adand is also very into service. He regularly brings water, Gatorade and even snacks to give out at the park in the hot summer.His efforts are so regular that he was recently given the title "Waterbringer". On October 8, 2016, his efforts were recognized further when he was elevated to the status of Lord.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Adand is Man at arms to Page Melody Songtailor, who is paged to Squire Revell.

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