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This page is part of the Official Amtgard V9 Alpha-Playtest Rulebook.
  • The Amtwiki is the official home and primary source for Amtgard V9 Rules as of February 25, 2023.
  • This is a Closed Playtest. Only registered parks and their players may participate at this time. See the Playtest Disclaimer for more details.
  • To learn more about Amtgard V9 Development, please visit Amtgard.com.
  • To view the current Amtgard V8 ruleset, please see the Amtgard V8 Rulebook.

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Rules of Play
Version 9A.3.230605 (June 2023)
Closed Alpha Playtest

Updates & Change Log

V8 to V9 Transition Guide

Design Credits & Acknowledgements.

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