The Order of the Dying Light

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"You wanna hold MY pole?"


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The Order of the Dying Light is a household devoted mainly to fighting/training with polearms & other reach weapons. Its goals are similar to those of a fighting company, but reflect teaching more than combat itself. We are also a band of mercenaries, taking jobs for money or trade. The Order of the Dying Light was started by Kelvelos shortly after he started Amtgard. Though it has few members, it hopes to grow as big as the spirit of those within it's ranks.


At the end of his final detention under the Turks, Vlad Dracul II met many young Wallachians & Transylvanians imprisoned by the Turks who shared his views on society & his lust for battle. Vlad being displeased at the state of The Order of The Dragon, decided he would reform these young men & women into a fighting machine able to crush the Turks, while defending the throne he once held & was soon to be appointed once again. He trained them in the art of the Spear, Javelin, Halberd, & any other polearm available.

He dubbed them "The Order of the Dying Light," for as the Order of The Dragon was to protect Christianity the Dying Light would swallow the old order & march victoriously leaving only those who followed Vlad as the supreme ruler.

In late 1476 after his final reinstatement as Prince of Wallachia Vlad Dracul II & his Order of the Dying Light, along with Moldavian troops began slaughtering the Turkish infidels in an open field. Rejoicing in the bloodbath Vlad ascended a small hill to better enjoy the carnage. What he did not expect, was that the few remaining members of the Order of The Dragon would rush him like cowards while he was alone atop the hill. This ultimately resulted in his assassination. He never saw his final goals completed.

Distraught by the death of their master the Order of the Dying Light demolished the old order. Most of the artifacts held by the Order of the Dragon were either confiscated or destroyed. The most notable relic still in existence is the dreaded polearm known only as "Tepes" (pronounced tsep=pesh), translated from Romanian as "The Impaler" Vlad's personal favorite. It was said that the wood from this polearm was carved from the cross on which Christ was crucified.

Unwilling to break the bond of brotherhood the Order of the Dying Light remained together spreading their teachings of combat to those interested & deemed worthy, never forgetting their master, always looking for prospective members...


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