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Silvera, of Siar Geata, Dragonspine

When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.

-Adrienne Rich



Silvera Janae DeTalon

Introduced to Amtgard in 1998, in Burning Lands. Inducted into the Tribe of the Dream and shortly after, the Saracens in 1999. Her son Merlyn is the youngest person to ever be inducted, having joined the Saracens before he was born.

After Marriage and a child, her family finally settled in San Diego, in mid 2000, where she, her husband Milamber, Lucas The Lost and Polarouse made valiant efforts to create and sustain the Shire of Nazzeroc. Nazzeroc grew and shrank over the years, due to military populace who did not stay in one place long. Milamber and Polarouse were, unfortunately, consistently out of town for deployments and such, so Silvera and Lucas The Lost were integral to keeping it alive even when no one showed up. In 2005, Strathclyde was discovered. They were an RP-heavy shire formed within close proximity to Nazzeroc and they joined forces, only to peter out yet again. The momentum of the joining however, prompted the group to restructure and become Siar Geata, putting this shire on the road to success. Siar Geatas continual participation over many years in the Escondido Renaissance Faire ( helped swell their numbers over and over again, only to dwindle after a few months. Last and this years participation, and some influx of new members from other lands, however, has resulted in lasting members. Now Siar Geata is successful and filled with members who truly care about the park and the running of the group.

Due to personal conflicts and frustration with the politics of the group, both Silvera and Milamber have chosen to disconnect themselves from Siar Geata.

Silvera would like to thank Veteris and Ashleigh, Scoot, Die Katz, Kathleen, Fanny and Killian, Milan and Tweak, for their support and friendship, inside the game and outside of it.

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Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Mother of Merlyn (yes, that is his real name) and wife to Milamber.
  • Currently in West North Carolina, settling in and awaiting the birth of the next Detalon Male Heir.

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