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Noble Master Tweak, Scout of Westmarch within Dragonspine




Tweak joined Amtgard partly due to being drug out to meetings by her Sig. other and her personal love for violence and many things medieval.

Tweak really prides herself on her archery, and is a useful asset with a bow, winning countless local archery tests and tournaments.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Performed for The esco ren faire as both an archer, and an armored warrior in the much acclaimed battle pageant.
  • After less than a year in Amtgard, she was elected as Regent of Siar Geata due to her capabilities in the fields of arts and sciences.
  • Awarded Master Scout by Prince Sir Euric at Darkshore XI.
  • Titled by Prince Sir Euric at Darkshore XII.
  • Two consecutive terms as Regent of Siar Geata. (January '08 to January '09)
  • Tied for 2nd place in Siar Geata's A&S tournament/qualifications in July of 08.
  • BOD of Siar Geata '09

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