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Lord MaA Leper of Thor’s Refuge, Westmarch

Leper's Heraldry
Home Park Thor's Refuge
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2009
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Man At Arms


"Crip secret entrance, I wonder what the hell that means?" -Porkins


Leper started playing in 2009. He flurbs allot.

Leper's many different characters include- Gus Chiggins, Garfuncle, Ray Pierre, Lerper, Larper, Truck-A-Saurus, Slurper, Christopher Walken, Squee the Goblin, and other annoying characters.

Has served some time in Thor's Refuge as champion for two terms, and served a term as pro-tem monarch. These days he plays the game for the flurb part, you can find him at most westmarch camp outs.

Affiliated Groups

  • Member of the Church of TORBOG
  • Member of House GreenForge (og)
  • Member of VI LEGION

Belted Family

Belted as a Man at Arms under Hannoske's noble titles.

Notable accomplishments

  • Received his Lord Title for service while in office at Thor's Refuge Midreign (Sept 2013)
  • Master Monk
  • Winner, 2018 Flurb of the Year


More Information

  • Company website
  • Personal website

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