Church of TORBOG

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RP- "The Church of TORBOG was created by the profits of Stockton (fellow amtgardians from Lodi and Sacramento) who in their time of need had summoned the ancient God known as TORBOG the Terrible, Destroyer of Worlds. With his mighty power came great hunger and upon his arrival he demanded a sacrifice. One of the Profits of Stockton threw their own body at the feet of TORBOG and smiled from ear to ear, begging TORBOG to kill him. TORBOG smiled and pulled the cigar from his mouth and with a wave of his luscious dreads, he began to devour the puny mortal. The profits of stockton were terrified at the sight but to their surprise the profit that was eaten was miraculously resurrected soon after being eaten. It was with his trust in TORBOG that gave him this blessing of self resurrection. TORBOG was pleased and ascended back into the heavens waiting to be summoned once more."

It is said that if one wears red, and offers his life as sacrifice to TORBOG, he will be resurrected soon after for his good deed...this is not always true.

"Praise TORBOG"