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Lord Lee, of Lichwood Grove, in the Nine Blades of Rising winds

”I'm so sore! But, it was a great day.”


Lee began his Foray into Amtgard by first stalking it in the wilds of Felfrost like a beast, where he encountered many strange and wondrous creatures and people. Alarmed and intrigued by their strange ways he watched them from afar as they went about their business, unbeknownst to him they had already spotted him and after a small conversation they invited him in to their community. He took fast to the fighting and was soon Paged By Lord Ethryn Greyfox to train in the sword. But Lee also enjoyed a good story and was often seen hanging around the rabble rousing Pirate captain Wizzy Mcflurb who was always quick with the wit and ready for adventure. He joined a band of the empires soldiers named the White fang only to be given the black mark by Mcflurb and cast from his graces,(the white fang was tasked with destroying the pirates) But when the White fang failed and became a free company, he left them and Helped to create the Timberwolves, a company of good fighters and great friends. So now He wanders the countryside seeking adventure and trying to find a way to get the blasted black mark off his hand and; you know cause some trouble with the wolves.

At present Lee has helped to start a new Shire in Amtgardia known as Falcon's Rest. It is but a way station now, but who knows what time might bring...

Affiliated Groups

Timber Wolves - Pack Wolf

Positions Held

Notable Accomplishments

First ever Nine Blades Kingdom Dragonmaster

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