Kingdoms Formed

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Here is a listing of all the Kingdoms of Amtgard in the order that were granted Kingdom status originally compiled by F'lar Starfire

1. The Kingdom of The Burning Lands

  • (Started 1983) El Paso, TX Officially chose this name, October 1st 1984.

2. The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills

  • (Kingdom Status 1988) Duncanville, TX

3. The Grand duchy of Barad Duin For a few months, they had the powers of a Kingdom, but still referred to themselves as a Grand duchy.

  • (Formed 1988, Kingdom status 1989, defunct 1990 ), Austin, TX

4. The Celestial Kingdom

  • (Kingdom Status 1990) South Western, TX

5. The Kingdom of the Golden Plains

  • (Formed 1988, Kingdom Status 1992) Amarillo, TX

6. The Empire of the Iron Mountains

  • (Formed 1989, Kingdom status 1992) Colorado

7. The Kingdom of Mystic Seas

  • (Kingdom Status 1993)(defunct 2005) Oregon

8. The Kingdom of Dragonspine

  • (Formed 1990, Kingdom status 1994) Las Cruces, NM

9. The Kingdom of Goldenvale

  • (Formed 1991, Kingdom Status 1995) Nashua, NH.

10. The Kingdom of the Valley of the Silver Rains

  • (Kingdom Status 1995)(defunct 2005) Oregon/Washington

11. The Kingdom of the Wetlands

  • (Formed and Status 1996) Houston, TX

12. The Kingdom of Neverwinter

  • (Formed and Status 1999) Florida
    • Approved by ikbod at clan in July of 1999. First king took office in Jan 2000.

13. The Kingdom of the Rising Winds

  • (Formed 1998, Kingdom status 2002) Indiana

14. The Kingdom of Blackspire

15. The Kingdom of Crystal Groves

16. The Kingdom of the Desert Winds

17. The Kingdom of Tal Dagore

18. The Kingdom of Northern Lights

19. the Kingdom of Westmarch

20. The Kingdom of Rivermoor

21. The Kingdom of Polaris

22.The Kingdom of Northreach

23. The Kingdom of Winter's Edge