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Lady Hopper
Chapter Greenharbor
Kingdom Polaris
Started 2016
Noble Title Lady
Belted Status Serpent Knight, Battle Knight
Belted Under Lord Fog
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Lady Dame Hopper, Paragon Healer of Greenharbor, in the Kingdom of Polaris


Hopper first started playing Amtgard in central Texas. She had been introduced to LARPing through Dagorhir and played for about a year in central Florida. After moving to Texas she found Traitor's Gate.

Traitor's Gate was small at the time (late 2016) but welcomed Hopper with open arms. At this point in time she met Weasel and other local players and learned the difference between Dag and Amtgard play styles and fighting culture. In early 2017, she met Dalos and the rest of the Torches, and joined Weasel's fighting company, Ascendant. Ascendant consisted of Dagorhir and Amtgard members and would frequent events for both games.

During early 2017, Hopper began attending regular fighter practices at Tori Mar, this is where Dalos came up with the nickname "Hopper" as her game name. Referencing her tendency to aim for the shoulders of much taller fighters and jumping to compensate. Late 2017, Hopper decided to leave Ascendant. Through the fighter practices and the Torches, she met Lilly Megatron Sunshine and Michael Hammer of God, and they introduced her to the rest of Tiger Clan, a fighting company based in the Kingdom of Polaris. After spending time with the Tigers and fighting alongside them at events, Hopper was asked to become a cub, and mid 2018 became a full member.

Through this network of people and Traitors Gate's ever expanding numbers, Hopper began to appreciate a wider variety of aspects to Amtgard such as service, volunteering, making props for events, and diving deep into battlegames. Polaris tends to be her favorite Kingdom and through frequenting that area's events and experiencing their love for battlegames and dungeon crawls, she found a love for playing the Healer class and does so as often as possible. Her play style is as a mid to front-line Healer wielding sword and board.

Mid 2018, Hopper met Lord Fog at Traitor's Gate in the Celestial Kingdom and soon after asked to be his Man-At-Arms.

A recent goal for Hopper as of 2019 is to win at least one Dragon Master in the Celestial Kingdom. The excitement and friendly competition of the Celestial Kingdom has her fired up and ready to bring the heat. Her love for crafting and competitions has been inspired by local Kingdom artisans and she couldn't be more happy to be competing with such talented individuals. This goal was realized in March 2020.

A knighting announcement was made by King Dizzy Vertigo May 2021 with the intent of awarding Hopper her Serpent Belt at end reign (Nov 2021).

Belted Family

Formerly belted under Grand Duke Sir Fog prior to joining the peerage.

I: Sir Fog (Crown - November 2021)

II: Dame Hopper (Battle - August 2021, Serpent - August 2021)

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Best in Show in Celestial Kingdom Dragon Master (2018)
  • 2nd place in Celestial Kingdom Dragon Master (2018)
  • 1st place in Gathering of the Clans Inter-Kingdom Women's Tournament (2019)
  • 3rd Place in Celestial Kingdom Dragon Master (2019)
  • 1st Place in Celestial Kingdom Dragon Master (2020)

Titles and Awards


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