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Lady Man at Arms Guyvas, of Thor's Refuge, Westmarch

"" Guyvas is turning into Vin goddamn Diesel!"" -Orko

""I wake up and piss excellence Lady"" -Guy



Child of Nakita and Euric Bloodstone. Never had a chance but to be a part of Amtgard being that he was born on Amtgard Sunday with over a dozen Amtgardians present in the hospital.

Knew the heal spell at age 4 and started fighting at 12.
Was Temporarily on the disabled list due to major back Surgery.
Was on the Principality of Westmarch Guard in terms 2 and 3.
Has served several terms as Heir Apparent of the Thor's Refuge.
Dealt with being PM of the 3rd largest park in the game.
Has been pro Tem Regent and was Duke of Thor's Refuge Very helpful on the field, reeving and setting up battlegames with the champion weekly.

Continues to strive for betterment in Fighting skills, conditioning and artistic endeavors.

Man at Arms to Loptr

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Former Squire to Prince Grand Duke, Arch Duke, Duke, Sir, Lord, Euric Bloodstone

Man at Arms to Loptr

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