Fezzik of the Frostlands

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Fezzik Bheesty
Fezzik Amtgard.jpg
Current Park The Frostlands
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2012
Company Academy Cold War
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Master Rose
Paragon Status N/A
Hearldry -3.jpg

Lord Fezzik Bheesty, of Frostlands, in the Kingdom of Polaris

”I can help with that." Fezzik


Joined Amtgard February of 2012.

Affiliated Groups

Academy Cold War (Mentor)
Ram Clan Member (Scout)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Keep on the Borderlands 2022: Kingmaker Awards -The Builder -Hydromancer

Prime Minister of the Frostlands Summer/Fall 2022 (Current)

Master Rose given December 2021

Baron of the Frostlands Fall/Winter 2021/2022

Polaris rep on TKN (Keep) BoD Apr. 2020-2022

Prime Minister of the Frostlands Fall/Winter 2019

Prime Minister of the Frostlands Spring/Summer 2019

Kingdom Guild master of Monks Fall/Winter 2017

Lord Title given February 2016

Baron of the Frostlands Spring/Summer reign of 2016

Baron of the Frostlands Fall/Winter reign of 2015

Champion of the Frostlands Winter/Spring reign of 2015

Park Guildmaster of Barbarians Fall 2013

More Information

Fezzik's Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jeremykelm1989

The Frostlands' Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheFrostlands/?ref=share

Kingdom of Polaris Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/265370310205914/?ref=share

Back Story

The story of Fezzik

Fezzik was just a simple farmer. He has everything he ever wanted. He had a great wife and a newborn child. Fezzik was enjoying his life. There was nothing more in life he wanted. One day Fezzik was tending to his land when he heard a commotion in the village. Lots of screaming and crying was going. So Fezzik went to check to see what was going on. Fezzik gets to the village and everything is destroyed. Fezzik then worries about his wife and child. So Fezzik quickly gets to his house and his wife and child are gone... Fezzik is devastated and goes berserk. Crushing and breaking everything in sight. Until all of a sudden he trips over the table he just snapped in two. While Fezzik lie there on the ground he sees something sparkle. It’s a book of some sort. Fezzik being just a simple farmer can't read. But he can tell by the gold on this book it must be important. Fezzik then sells his farm and livestock. Fezzik headed out on his quest with the book in hand and what little money he got from selling his farm. He follows the path of destruction that was left by the raiding party. In hopes the he will someday see his wife and child again... Along his quest he arms himself and does anything in his power to become a better fighter. Meets up with Academy Cold War and joins their band of heroes in hopes that they will help him tame his rage and to become a better fighter. One day if Fezzik ever gets the chance to get his wife and child back. He will be well trained and ready to put is life on the line to get them back...

Story of Bheesty surname

During Fezzik's travels he was moving through a strange land. He could not understand any of the local language but could understand simple gestures but often tried to talk to by pointing himself and saying "Fezzik." This land was very hot and humid. Fezzik knew from working on his farm that water was very inportant. So he always had a few waterskins filled with water. While on his route he was often approached by the locals. With them gesturing towards their mouth as if they were drinking. So Fezzik gave them some water. After a while Fezzik was hearing his name along with a new word and they were still making the same gesture. So he still gave them some water. But Fezzik continued hearing the same word over and over again..."Bheesty." As he continued the locals would see him and saying "Fezzik Bheesty."

As Fezzik came into the next town he was stoped but the gate. They spoke the same language that Fezzik was familiar with. They asked him for his name for the local census. He said his name is "Fezzik" they asked what is your surname. Fezzik responded with "I don't have one." "What! You dont have a surname. You cannot enter the town with out a surname. Everybody has a surname." As Fezzik was tired from his travels. He quickly said. "Oh you said surname. It is Bheesty. I am Fezzik Bheesty." The guard did not say anything and wrote it down. Ever since then the name stuck.