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Dreanya Jurista
Home Park Nocturnis
Kingdom Celestial Kingdom
Year Started 2002
Noble Title Baroness
Belt Status NONE

”I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but let me check the law first.”

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A wonderfully intelligent individual who enioys helping others. Dreanya started playing Amtgard in September, 2002, when she went to a Wetlands' event to meet up with Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf.

Even though she was a familiar face by June 2003 when she accompanied Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf to Rakis as his royal consort (he was the King of the Wetlands at the time), Dreanya really did not make a name for herself locally until she became President of the Emerald Hills BOD in 2006.

In 2006, she created the Emerald Hills' Membership Card, later called the interkingdom identification AmtCard System, to make entry through gate at events more efficient. This system, used in conjunction with a Gate List, allowed members who had previously attended Amtgard events the freedom of not having to sign the required event paperwork again because it was on file.

In June 2008, after Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf stepped down as the King of the Emerald Hills, Dreanya semi-retired from the "game" of Amtgard to focus on the AmtCard Project. She also defected from the Emerald Hills to the Celestial Kingdom park of Nocturnis.

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