Dragonspine Proper

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The Shire of Dragonspine


founded in 1990 as a Barony under the Kingdom of the Burning Lands. Achieved independence during Spring War I in 1994. Dragonspine is located in Las Cruces, NM, just a short drive from the Burning Lands. Often referred to as Crownlands, DS proper or corelands.

Sliver Dragons, made by Grix

Contacts and Directions

Dragonspine proper meets at Apodaca Park every Saturday from 12 PM to 4 PM. Sometimes we start earlier and often we end later. Coming from the north or south, take I-25 'til you find the Highway 70 exit. Turn west onto Highway 70 (Main Street) and follow it into town. When you get to Solano, turn left. Take Solano to East Madrid, where you will see a large wooden statue of an Indian Head. Turn left onto Madrid. We are usually across the street from the dirt parking lot. Parking there is a little treacherous, just as a warning.

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