Cursed Prairie Monarchy

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The Monarchy for Cursed Prairie

Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister Head Class Guildmaster Weaponmaster Dragonmaster
Reign # 1 (Fall 2006) Sheriff Chocobo (None) Lexi None Maggie None None None
Reign # 2 (Spring 2007) Valentine Lexi Kelvelos Maggie None Roshi Saphira
Reign # 3 (Fall 2007) Lexi Tenshi Roshi Saphira Sir Liam Kelvelos Saphira
Reign # 4 (Spring 2008) Bael Roshi Tenshi Saphira Prozehn Sir Liam Saphira
Reign # 5 (Fall 2008) Bael Sir Liam Shinsei Kelvelos Tenshi Roshi Lexi
Reign # 6 (Spring 2009) Saphira Sir Liam Lexi Kelvelos Tenshi Mateo Kelvelos

Reign Notes

Below are notes that are significant to Cursed Prairie & it's growth.

Reign 1 (12/06-03/07)

The Shire of Cursed Prairie is started.

Reign 2 (03/07-09/07)

Cursed Prairie is accepted into the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

Reign 3 (09/07-03/08)

Cursed Prairie is elevated to Barony status.

Reign 4 (03/08-09/08)

Cursed Prairie absorbs most of Forsaken Lakes's active players.

Reign 5 (09/08-03/09)

Played Big Brother to Elemental Fields until they were able to get a solid foundation started.

Reign 6 (03/09-09/09)


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