Caedere Greyshield

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Chieftain Woman at Arms Caedere Greyshield, of Arrantor and Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale



"It's a great shield, as long as you don't look at the back of it"


Started 2009, initially finding it strange to ditch during the day, having learned in the headlights of a car.

Co-founder of Arrantor with Lord Man-at-Arms Dernath the Lost and Page Lethe Ignis.

Designer of Arrantor's heraldry, for better or for worse...

Belted by Lord Man-at-Arms Dernath Orcbane on April 6th, 2013 at Arrantor.

Won the Dragonmaster tournament at Caradoc Hold's Fall 2013 Midreign.

Has started playing in Caradoc Hold, continuing to be awesome no matter what.

Elevated to Chieftain by King Jondal'ar Silvertongue at Tribal Rivals X June 27th, 2015

Belted Family


Champion of Arrantor, January 2011 - June 2011

Champion of Arrantor, June 2010 - December 2010

Chancellor of Caradoc Hold, March 2014 - March 2015

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