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Benoît Mezéc
Home Park Port Union
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2013
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire

Seigneur Ecuyer Benoît Mezéc de l'Archive, of Port Union, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

”That's pretty neat.”


Benoît started playing Amtgard in March of 2013, in the now defunct Black Widow Lake. He then moved to the Celestial Kingdom, where he played at Griffon's Keep. He then took a hiatus from the game, while he was stationed in a location that had no parks. He played at HoR, where he served a multiple terms as Ducal Champion. With The Locks and Harbour of Rhye uniting, Benoît now plays at Port Union.

[Roleplay Bio]
Seigneur Benoît Mezéc de l'Archive is the son of a renowned physician, Mathias the Elder. His mother was a once famous Law Mage, whose name all but vanished from all recorded history. Benoît spends his days travelling the land, offering his services in defense of those who cannot defend themselves, as well as an interpreter for some of the less understood races, such as Goblins, to remedy bad blood between two societies that fight over the fact that they do not understand one another. He values the law above all things and believes that anything that must be done, must be done in a legal manner.

Affiliated Groups

Crystal Corps

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Benoît was granted the title of Lord at Harbour of Rhye Summer Coronation 2018, for his service to his park, its members, and the game as whole, by the Hand of Baronet Rose Bloodsong. Benoît is the current Champion of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves.

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