Axe Thowers

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Black & Yellow
Half Smiley Face with a half Skull over two crossed axes

A now long disbanded Company.

Also known as the "Church of Walmart" Back in the summer 1998 Smiley wanted to be in a company and decided to try to make one on his own. He decided to form the Axe Throwers based in Dark Oasis. He quickly recruited Draco and Irving as the Lieutenant and Sergeant of the newly found company. Smiley as the Captain gave the two other officers the ability to recruit anyone they wanted without question. After about two months Smiley went and talked to Drake and Turanko of the Unseen Hand and asked if the Axe Throwers could challenge the Unseen Hand to a company battle to help the Axe Throwers learn to work together. However, the company grew overnight and had every new person on the field join the company due to the recruiting of the other officers. The Unseen Hand, with only 8 or so people, and the Axe throwers with about 20, went to battle. The Unseen Hand wiped the field with the Axe Throwers, the only damage the Hand suffered was that Smiley wounded Turanko by taking his arm, other than that they were unscathed. After this the Axe Throwers disbanded. The incident soon became dubbed as the Church of Walmart massacre.


Former Members:

Memebers like Smiley and Draco went on to continue playing the game. Smiley would soon join the Crimson Marauders after this and Draco would soon join the Saracens after the "Massacre". Both would later find a home in the Unseen Hand, and Smiley would later have a second attempt in starting a company by forming the Archangels.

Every other member would slowly stop playing the game or move.