Zypher of Hermits Hold

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Zypher, of Hermits Hold, Kingdom of Blackspire

"I'm not gay, I just experiment"



Zypher joined Amtgard in 2010 after seeing an episode of House, which had a LARPing group in it. Scouring the internet to find something similar, he was excited to find that Amtgard was only a few blocks away from his house. Being new to the game, he was scared, but he has grown to find the people of Amtgard amazing and hilarious. He now attempts to go to the park on a weekly basis to play the amazing game.

Affiliated Groups

Juda - Jack of Spades

Notable Accomplishments

Reeve Qualified [9-13-10 to 3-13-10]
First Orders of the Owl and Garber [August 2010]

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