Winter in Neverwinter

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Spend your winter in Neverwinter! The January Coronation is the most popular time to visit, since it's too cold to Camp anywhere else in the Amtworld.

The summer event of the winter!

Come get out of the cold and into the warm: Florida in February!

Tired of freezing your tuckus off just to ditch? Come ditch all day under a warm Florida sun and all night on our lit ditch field!

Weary from packing your tent to and from events all across the nation? Come and stay in our heated and air-conditioned cabins!

Sick of fighting the same old people week after week after week? Come and try your stick against the new and interesting citizens of Neverwinter!

Have you run completely out of Fun Noodle by mid-January? Come and pick up some noodle from a Florida Wal-mart!

Have some company bro's out in Neverwinter you haven't seen in a while? Come and fight with them in the Company Battle!

All this and more! Castle battles! A quest! Cute girls! Cute guys! FIVE meals! A feast you'll actually WANT to eat! A Dragonmaster!