Western Dragon Hills

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A defunct chapter under the Celestial Kingdom in Carson City, NV.


This chapter was founded in the summer of 2000 by Richard "Yhamish" Wilson and NeonDevil and later sought sponsorship with the Celestial Kingdom. Sponsorship with the CK soon ended in 2003 due to a BOD decision to sever ties with non-contiguous provinces [1].

The chapter saw moderate success considering the new, unique, and unfamiliar medieval combat concepts to the Northern Nevada region and the overall population/size of Carson City.

With controversy, NeonDevil led a petition [1] [2] against the officers of Western Dragon Hills to determine the accountability of offenders for multiple rules violations during the 2001-2005 reigns. The petition was discussed in a forum at the Western Dragon Hills but not given the opportunity to be resolved in house instead of being circulated. No further discussion or investigation was allowed and the petition was dropped and Western Dragon Hills closed, which was later re-established as Fal Dare in 2006 with Mother of the North.

Members of the Group traveled to at least one Spring War.


The Western Dragon Hills formerly played at Mills Park, Carson City, NV on Sundays at Noon.


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