Volkmar Griffinborne

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Lord Man-at-Arms Volkmar Griffinborne of Skystone, Desert Winds

Also Known As



The Pretty Page (No Longer!)

William Dayshade

Full Names and Titles

(Disclaimer: Full names and Titles used for role playing)

Lord Man-at-Arms Volkmar Griffinborne. Blooded Bronze of Bearclaw Thunder, First Defender of Skystone, Wielder of Gall-splitter, and Felled King of Avian Hold.


The Duchy of Skystone within the Kingdom of the Desert Winds.


"There is no 'win or lose,' there is only 'Win and Learn'.

"Don't teach a man to fight if he can't dance!"

"That could have been worse..."

"Allow me to tell you a story.."

"There's a reason she's called 'Gall-splitter.' Here, let me show you~"


I was always interested in larping and role playing. When I found Amtgard in my area, I was so excited to get started I could barely sleep on the Friday before my first day. After my first day, within two weeks I had a weapon, armor and something close to a persona. After a year of being a member; I have been to several events, made several different suits of armor, and have held positions in my Monarchy.


After testing out several different personas, I have yet to find a back story that I like well enough to stick to.

Affiliated Groups

Company: Bearclaw Thunder Blooded Bronze


House Odin

House Fierce

House Lioness

Belted Family

Belted to Pyro Appareo, who is Squire to Duke Sir Matthias O'Lachon.

Those belted under Volkmar: Rayne of Skystone

Notable Accomplishments

Youngest Champion of Skystone.

Champion for 2015 Summer Reign.

Earned his Lord Title May 21st, 2016.

Champion of 2017 Summer Reign.

First Defender of Skystone.

Baron for 2017 Winter Reign.

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