Pyro Appareo

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Lord Man-At-Arms Pyro Appareao of Rivers End, Desert Winds

"Its just a flesh wound"

"By my death or by my life i will beat you"

"Decessus Pro Dedecus" Death Before Dishonor

"Its not a good day unless someone walks away with an injury"

"Head shot, don't take it"



First joined the game back in 2004 and has loved it since he started. It took him a while to get used to it and learn what he needed to. Never planned on taking an office, until the day that they had no champion. So he was thrown in pro tem and has since held the positions of champion, GMR, and then sheriff. When he took office as sheriff he started working with the other officers and with Fal Dare growing they worked hard and finally got barony status in august of 2010. In 2011 moved to Salt Lake City, UT. Joined The Rivers End and has been making more use of crafting talents than fighting. To most in the duchy he is also known as The Benchwarmer do to constant injury. Is always willing to help others when he can and teach anything he has learned. Currently is holding the position of Regent for the duchy.

Affiliated Groups

Star Questing Dragons

Belted Line

Man-at-Arms for Sir Matthias O'Lachon

Belt Sister to Lady Scrye of Skystone.

Notable Accomplishments

  • First Baron For Fal Dare in 2010.

More Information

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