The Three Man Alliance

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Company Colors: Black with Sage Green
Company Garb: Black tabard with sage trim, Green pants, Cingulum belt appropriate to belt rank and company rank

The Three Man Alliance is currently the only fighting company in Centerpoint. It was formed to both assist the freehold in it's infancy, AND to help raise the bar on fighting skill in Centerpoint

To date, we are the premier fighting force amongst the freeholds of amtgard.

Our stated goals are as follows:
1) To become and maintain a superior presence on the field wherever we go.
2) To promote Classical Graeco-Roman themes in Amtgard
3) To assist our homeland, Centerpoint, in every way possible


The three man alliance was formed in Centerpoint in June of 2007. It's founding members are also the founders of Centerpoint in Kansas City, KS. We are currently engaged in the following tasks as a company:
Creation of Company heraldry
Recruitment of new members
Establishment of a structure and constitution
Picking a better name, there are Five of us now


Sierto Burromalo - Founder, Milites
Auz Antaracles - Founder, Immunes
Wedge - Tyrones
Biggs - Tyrones

Company Ranks

Centurion - Company Captain
Immunes - Company Trainer, Flanker
Milites - Heavy Infantry
Tyrones - Member in training