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”There are two of us and one of you. What do you figure the odds are?”

"Other half get over here!... please." - Wedge

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Biggs and Wedge, or the Wondertwins as they are commonly known, are the younger brother of Tenebrus, and identical twins. Both are aspiring Stick-Jocks/Warlords/What have you. While singly they are moderately skilled, fighting together has the odd effect of amplifying their individual abilities. Furthermore, the pair has excellent non-verbal communication skills, almost to the point where it can be considered telepathy. These traits make them something of a force of nature within their home park, and a moderate threat at any other park or large event.

They try to become known in the parks Centerpoint has frequented as a force to be reckoned with. Biggs is the surly tank and Wedge the ranged man when they take the field they always have an eye on the other so when an arrow flies right by Biggs head to take out someone that is about to get a shot off on him he just thrusts his sword up in a "thanks dude", or Biggs running full out in what must be at least 50lbs of gear on average over to the pinned archer to save his behind Wedge giving a "OTHER HALF I NEEDS HELP!" its not at all surprising. While playing the game for only a year or two the two they hope to show promise to become better while our "telepathy" is only at this point rudimentary they are practicing two man tactics to even further their skills together.

Affiliated Groups

None currently.

Belted Family

Shogun Hitorimono (Crown: Oct 2016 Flame: July 2021)

Notable Accomplishments


First elected Regent of Centerpoint, received the "Order of the tater" for taking 17 dick stabs in a single day and continuing to fight
Regent of Centerpoint - May 11th 2008 - November 2008


Winner of the first Centerpoint Weapon master Tournament Champion of Centerpoint - May 11th 2008 - November 2008

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