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Tempest of WestStone, of Western Gate, Tal Dagore.

ROFL, he's a flurb. I mean come on, he had the light in the background.... it's so good.


Tempest is that guy that got really drunk at Spring War, tried to have a threesome with Vigus, insulted Haggis, and is now known as "The Earl of Hurl"

Known for being blindingly fast, yet self admittingly having no defense.

Tempest talked Taver out of a relic at Midreign '08. He now owes her a dollar. That biotch better pay up.

Affiliated Groups

Belt Line

Removed from Grimmelshausen Belt line on Feb 11, 2012 by public declaration by Sir Tanath due to conviction for 3 counts of Statutory Rape by St Louis County Courts on February 10th 2012.

Notable Accomplishments

Master of Word Smithery

Checking out your girlfriend.

Tanath's Towel boy.

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