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Current Park Knight's Rest
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Year Started 2019
Company Altan Sar
Noble Title Baroness
Belt Status Squire to Sir Aurelius

Baroness Squire Sypha, the Whack Traffic Controller of Knight's Rest, Tal Dagore


Sypha started in Belegarth, before being sucked into Amtgard in 2019.

She is an accomplished garber and scroll maker, producing many great pieces in both fields in the short time she's been participating.

Affiliated Groups

Altan Sar

Belted Family

Former belt mother of Blight Stygia before he was adopted by The Great Khan Hiimori after his knighting

Created Resources

Notable Accomplishments

  • Tal Dagore spring Dragon Master judge 2022
  • Unofficial War-o-Crat Known World War 2022
  • Keep A&S judge 2022
  • Known World War A&S judge 2023
  • Taught faux stained glass class at Tal Dagore Mid Reign 2 October 2023
  • Longest running PM of Myr Tariniel
  • Paragon Paladin - February 2023
  • Baroness - February 2023

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