Spring War 2006

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Spring War 2006, the Butter battle.



Auto-crated by Chango and Linden. Following the last three years of precedence the rest of the positions were filled by committee. Those folks included; Esoum, Lynae, Vigus, Qualin, Lodar, and many others, (Please add those you know!).


The War's theme was based on a Doctor Seuss book about the useless-ness of escalation of warfare called the 'Butter Battle book'. When they entered the gate the players were given belt frogs in blue or orange identifying them as Yooks or Zooks. All the battle games were split by along this line. This was the year that the Swordplay documentary was released to it's first Interkingdom Event audience.


At Spring War 13, Jarl Bromhir was made a Knight of the Flame.


First appearance of the CK Bench Castle.

Galleys of pics.