Silver Sapling

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Silver Sapling, Freehold

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands, located in Oakdale, California.




Founded in 2002, still active in 2004. Current activity unknown.

The shire of the silver sappling was started in the year 2002. It was started after a trip down to the Bay Area where an old friend of Vestrise's lived. During the week he was down, this friend invited Vestrise along to play this cool game, which was amtgrad. When he got home, all he could do was talk about this cool 'ol game that he played. Vestrise made a few makeshift weapons and started to see who would play. The original four were Ears, Flowstone, Luke, and Vestrise.

It had originaly been for only a few people to try, but after the first few weeks with the original four, the numbers tripled. Everyone in the shire still meets and plays on almost a weekly basis and have fun.

This chapter chose to create it's own knights, at least six of them, without knowledge of it's parent kingdom.


Contacts and Directions

Every Saturday or Sunday at noon. Located at Gilbert Park, Children's Play Park (near the community pool), or Burchill Hills Park.

Contact: Geoffrey R. Marowski [email protected]


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