Sethrial MacCoill

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Lady Sethrial MacCoill of Faila Ranae, Winter's Edge


name=Sethrial MacCoill
Home Park Faila Ranae
Kingdom Winter's Edge
Year Started 2011
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status Man at Arms


Sethrial started playing an amtgard-like game at Centennial High School in Franklin Tennessee in 2008, joined a real Amtgard park, Faila Ranae, in August of 2011, moved and joined a newly created park, Emerald Academy, in 2013 for one year, and has been back at Faila Ranae causing chaos since then. Sethrial has held every local office over the course of their Amtgard Career. They earned their Lady title for two exemplary terms as Baroness of Faila Ranae.

Direct Belted Family


Affiliated Groups

Offices held

  • Champion of Faila Ranae 2012-2013
  • Chancellor of Emerald Academy 2013
  • Baroness of Faila Ranae 2015-2016
  • Regent of Faila Ranae 2017
  • Chancellor of Faila Ranae 2018-present

Facts about Sethrial

  • Sethrial is the last remaining MacCoill
  • Sethrial was born fully formed from a moldy tea pot in 2007
  • Contrary to popular belief, Sethrial is not human and does not sweat
  • Sethrials, in their natural habitat, can live to be over 300 years old. Sethrials in captivity are lucky to make it to 100.