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Ambassador Scarab, of Thor's Refuge in the Kingdom of Dragonspine

"You're like the newbie Kong." - Orko

"I need to go deeper." Scarab

"She's like a little ball of awesome containing the energy of the Sun"- Sid

"Don't touch that. Don't touch that. I. Will. Punch. You. In. The. Dick. thank you." Scarab


Salt Wars, 2011


Started playing in Thor's Refuge in February of 2010. Noted as being not retarded, in contrast to the many newbies who are, in fact, retarded. Scarab is also known as having an amazingly awesome and positive attitude both on and off the field. She will ditch all day and chill out with the boys all night. An all around fantastic person to be around and a great addition to foam fighting. Along with all the fighting she does, Scarab has also received Orders of the Jovious and Mask in recognition of her great attitude both on and off the field as well as excellent roleplay.

Scarab continues to brighten any day that she steps on the field, and encourages new players to be their best.


Champion of Mars, Feast of Mars VII, October 2011 Awarded the title of Ambassador by Prince Sir Euric Bloodstone at Darkshore 2012.

Affiliated Groups

Team-V- C.S. Specialty-Junk Stabs

Many have tried to gnab Scarab for their groups. Many have failed.

Additional Images

Roleplaying it up with an awesome duct tape mask


DITCH!(Salt Wars 2011)


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