Savage Highlands

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Savage Highlands, Shire

A defunct Shire of the Kingdom of Dragonspine, located in Ruidoso, New Mexico




on the thirtieth day of July two thousand and sixteen an all thing was held presided over by sheriff muse. it was discussed that the park desired to create an image of upstanding character before the community. the populace discussed a recreation of the heraldry, and it was announced that there would be a series of votes on this project starting august 6th of 2016. it was also announced that charitable works would continue past the food fight season.

on the 6th of august 2016 a second all thing was held to discuss the new heraldry of the park. the decision was made, and by a vote of the populace the design of the heraldry as well as colours were chosen. the final product will be ironed out by mouse, and benitora, and will be presented in the near future. the votes were witnessed by page absolute, and approved by chancellor mouse, and sheriff muse.




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