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Rolando Sanchez Darkjester De Kumpania Phralmulo

Started playing Amtgard by helping to start the Shire of the Citadel, Abilene, TX (93/94). Shortly after starting the group Rolando moved to Florida, where he later joined The Nomadic Tribes of the Emerald coast where he was first introduced to the Darkjesters by Evil Ryss.

He has served several terms within the EC as Champion, Regent, and once as Monarch.

Current Loyalties- Kingdom of Neverwinter,

Nomadic Tribes of the Emerald Coast ( EC),

House Darkjester,

Phoenix Guard Fighting Company,

Kumpania De Phralmulo Gypsy Household,

Dirty Irish Drinking Company,

Captain in the Midwest Trading Company

He is a Percussionist, Dancer, light minstrel, and pretty good with Jello Shots. Currently Squired to Sir Zodiac Darkjester