Piratical Sabbatical

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Arrgh! Avast ye scurvy dogs! This be the Wetlands, and we be pirates worked to the gnarly bone. We are certainly in need of a vacation. So, join us as we celebrate our...

Piratical Sabbatical!

An event hosted by the Wetlands between 2005-2010.



The brain child of Sir Feral Lynn, this event was created in 2004, but was held for the first time in early 2005. It is an event with a uniquely Wetlands style and flavour. Pirates are the order of the day, and the Wetlands serves up piratey goodness with style and flavah. The first event was held at Jones Country Music Fairgrounds in East Texas. The featured battle was Roust the Rogues. The event grew by leaps and bounds its second year out, mostly because Olympiad was being held in conjunction with it.

PSIII, held at Alabama Coushatta Indian Reservation, featured a "No Kings" Pirate-Style court, with no high table, and only one award being handed out. This will continue as a tradition of the event for years to come. Ship battles, Save the Maiden obstacle courses that are unique every year, plank tournaments, and Shennanigans by the Kraken Horde are also becoming staples of each Piratical Sabattical.

Dose of Reality

Each year the Committee in charge of the event tries to introduce some real pirate lore into our play. Not only can you be a pirate, you can learn about them, too.

In the past, information disseminated at the event has been based purely on individual research and has included not only articles, but games such as Identify the Pirate Flag (matching the flag to the pirate it represented), and other trivia based on real life pirates, movies, and books.


Varies by year.

Year By Year

Piratical Sabbatical 2010

PSV. January 15-18 2010, in Lake Charles Louisiana.

This was the last time to date the event was held.

Piratical Sabbatical 2008

PSIV. Labor Day weekend, 2008, Grimes County Fair Grounds, Navasota TX. Attendance 170. Completely covered, lit ditching at night, indoor ditching in the A/C during the day. Events included a MMO style spawn game (think Arathi Basin), plank tournament, pirate arms tournament, and a huge Pirates of the Seven Seas quest. This year's Save the Maiden was themed 'Indiana Jones' and included a huge boulder, arrow traps, swinging to safety, puzzles, and of course, a maiden! Shenanigans were hosted by House Big Sluff - Sluff Fest 2008.

While there was a court, this was due to WL Midreign being held at the same time. It was a huge RP affair complete with a burning at the stake, and a tyrant on the throne (Margul). Only three awards were handed out, and all three were heavily involved in the ongoing RP.

Piratical Sabbatical 2007

PSIII. Labor Day weekend, 2007, Alabama Coushatta Indian Reservation. Attendance - 200? All night gate party. Plank battles, Save the Maiden, Pirate Olympics, and a ship-to-ship battle featuring Sirs Spyn and Shadow as sharks. First "Pirate Court of the Brethren", presided over by Auto-Crat Sebastian. Known for the Tiki King Oz and his translator. Shennanigans included pudding wrestling.

Piratical Sabbatical 2006

Piratical Sabbatical II. August 17-20. Giddings Tx. Attendance: 240. Olympiad also held during this event. Featured battlegames: Ship battles (1 on 1, Ship vs. Shore, 3 Way ship battle), Pirate Olympics, Save the Maiden Hero Obstacle Course. Oznog's Head cam of the main battle.

Piratical Sabbatical 2005

Piratical Sabbatical I. February 17-20. Jones Country Music Fairgrounds. Attendance: 135