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Phaelious, of Skystone, Desert Winds

"*eyes sword* "Are you going to eat that?"- Spoken while playing a corrosion beast. "OH GOD IT'S TOUCHING ME!!"


Phaelious ditching in his homepark Skystone. No he's not really eating shield.


Phaelious has been apart of Skystone for years, he came across the group during the event called Saturday Live and stuck with them ever since. He's known throughout his homepark and Kingdom for many horrible reasons; some of them being the prettiest girl in the airport, the oddly flexible guy and that one kid that doesn't like being touched.

While as of March 2012 he's officially taken on an officer position, Phaelious has helped many officers past with horrible back breaking tasks and generally getting people motivated to ditch or start a battlegame. He is the lowly whipping boy (er page) to Talaisan (AKA Boy Tal).

Affiliated Groups

Fox Guard - Red Tail

Notable Accomplishments

Plays a mean Corrosion Beast

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