Ogre's Grotto

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Ogre's Grotto, Shire

A Defunct Shire of the Principality of Winter's Edge of the Kingdom of Neverwinter, located in Carrollton, Georgia.


OG's Heraldry, created by Riven Asayri.


Jarek the Ogre Mander, left Iron Springs to go to college at the University Of West Georgia. While there he picked up a few new friends and one old one. Together Jarek, Liath, Biff, and Riven Asayri founded Ogre's Grotto in October 2012. It gained admittance to the Principality of Winter's Edge under Neverwinter sometime in 2013/2014.


Lord Jarek the Ogre Mander
Mistress Riven Asayri
Big John


Sheriff: Bear
Regent: Apollo
Chancellor: Gaara
Champion: Balthazar

Contacts and Directions

Ogre's Grotto meets on Mondays and Thursdays at 1PM at the University of West Georgia campus in the field in front of Starbucks. As a college-oriented park with many students as members, times are subject to change every semester.

Map of UWG Campus.
A map of the UWG campus showing where we meet and where to park.

Address and Directions from other Places

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For more information, contact Riven Asayri/Megan Moody on Facebook logo2.jpg or at 706-333-7699.

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