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A Duchy under the Kingdom of Neverwinter, located in Hazlehurst, Georgia,

Amtgard Chapter
Kingdom Neverwinter
Status Duchy
City Hazlehurst, GA
Park Guy N. Weatherly Sr. Community Park
Meets on Sundays at 1:30 PM
Founded March 13, 2016
Active Active


The Amtgard chapter of Shadowcrest was founded in the City of Hazlehurst on March 13th of 2016 by Lord Zendric Valindrel, Ilya Valindrel Esquire, Korrigan DuChevalier Esquire and Mistress Nyx Amaris then later on in that same year on July 3rd of 2016 Shadowcrest went on to join the kingdom of Neverwinter.

As a park, Shadowcrest earned an Order of the Flame for Outstanding work with their local community on August 18, 2018 by King Kelbo D'Monet.

Shadowcrest earned it's Duchy status as a park on March 2, 2019


The Duchy of Shadowcrest meets weekly in Hazlehurst Georgia, providing opportunities for foam fighting, quest gaming, a wide range of crafting, and safe-space socializing.




Current Officers

Contacts and Directions

For this information, check out the Duchy of Shadowcrest facebook page.


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