Nowhere Mountains

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A Defunct Chapter of the Kingdom of Neverwinter under the Principality of Winter's Edge, located in Athens, West Virginia.



Heraldry design by Erioc.


Founded by Kuma the Painted and friends at some point in the distant past (namely 2003). Has since maintained a long line of large, hairy, and often foul-smelling men as Sheriff. Formerly under Goldenvale, Nowhere Mountains officially petitioned Winter's Edge in March of 2008. Last recorded meet 5/28/2016.


Actual numbers varied from 20 to 5 depending on the time of year and weather. Based on a University campus in a small town, when school was out, numbers plummeted.


  • Sheriff: Zoltan
  • Prime Minister: Ravalynn
  • Regent: Abin
  • Champion: Esmerelda

Contacts and Directions

Meeting Sundays at 12:30 Pm.

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