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A Defunct freehold, located in Warroad, Minnesota.




Founded in 2004 by Hoohah (Sheriff), Tankhide (Regent), Calaron/Mordanith (PM), Wolvemire (Champion). In 2007 the group submitted their contract to the BLBOD. On Sunday August 10, 2008 Niflheim was invaded by Land's End, and again on Saturday, July 31, 2010. The chapter has also been making a showing at "The Great Pumpkin" event held every October by Land's End in Vermillion, SD since 2010. In April of 2011 The Shire of Niflhiem Applied for and Joined the Principality of Rivermoor and the Kingdom of Iron Mountains. In July of 2011 the group hosted a Camping event and Althing called "Battle of Odin's Rest" at the House of Jotuns ("Where the giants come to play"). In 2012 and 2013 they held the "Battle of Odin's Rest" again.

The chapter last met in July 2014.

The Kingdom of Rivermoor ended their sponsorship of the Shire of Niflheim by althing on 11 Jan 2016, due to inactivity.

Reformed on 2/11/2016 as a freehold, attempting to slowly rebuild numbers. Last recorded activity 3/2017.

Last known Officers


Contacts and Directions

Niflheim met most Saturdays from 1Pm until around 5PM (weather permitting). Attendance ranged from 12-20+
The meeting place of Niflheim couldn be found at 37083 Cty Rd 137 Salol,MN 56756. From Warroad, turn north at the DQ stoplights go 1 mile, then turn west at the airport go 6 miles.
Look for People wearing funny clothes.

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