Month of the Crown

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Crown Quals, and Coronation preparation (responsibility of the Regent), if done right, should take up an entire month of activites. Face it, your coronation is the one thing that is done for you as a land, and should be the most extravagent and fun you can have, on and off the field, every six months.

Now for the disclaimer, the schedule below is roughly according to the BL Corpora. Yours may be different. With that being said, on with the down and dirty how-to. Just remember, these are offered as guidelines, not hard and fast rules:

3 Months ahead:

  • The Regent begins plans by assuming the role of Quals Autocrat, or appointing a Quals Autocrat.
  • The Regent begins plans for Coronation, and solidifies the areas of responsibility for a Quals Autocrat if one is appointed.
  • Begin plans for the locations of both Quals and Coronation
  • Cornation menu (if any), price guidelines - working with the Prime Minister in regards to funding - is developed.
  • Make "rain" plans if you are planning an outdoor Quals event, or Coronation.
  • Begin plans for which judges you wish line up. Have a list of alternates as well.

2 Months ahead:

  • About four weeks before Crown Quals, publish and distribute the qualifiction guidelines and rules for Quals, especially noting when written entries are due.

6 Weeks before Crown Quals,

  • Contact prospective Judges with the solid date and time they should arrive, if they agree to assist you. Go through your list until you have five.

5 Weeks before Quals

  • line up two emergency people who you can yank for judging from the local populous - just in case.
  • Be sure to solidify how you will get the written entries to the judges if they are to be ajudicated prior to the day of Crown Quals.
  • Have solid verifications on your judges no later than two weeks prior to Quals. Verbally contact them to make sure they can still come, and to verify how writtens will be handled. In some things, email is just not good enough.

5 Weeks Before Coronation:

  • Declarations to run for the Monarchy are due to the Prime Minister.
  • Finalize the menu, event decorations, assistants, and verify the use of any location and equipment needed for both Quals and Coronation.

4 Weeks Before Coronation

  • Gaming & Written Entries.
  • Table Top Gaming is conducted (if scheduled). Winners are awarded points and recorded by the Autocrat.
  • Written Entries are due to the Quals Autocrat so he/she can get them to the judges for pre-event judging within the next two days.
  • The Autocrat begins recording scores on the Tally sheet.
  • Finalize funding arrangements with the Monarch and PM.

3 Weeks Before Coronation - Crown Quals!

  • Be sure you have Sign-in forms, Individual Judge Forms, A Master Tally form, prior points for gaming, clip-boards, pens/pencils, a calculator, and above all clear judging instructions ready.
  • Have a copy of the published Quals rules on hand.
  • Appoint a runner for the day to do gopher work for the Autocrat.
  • Inform the PM of any final changes to the funding needs for Coronation.
  • Announce the winner of the A & S Tournament before the end of the day.

2 Weeks Before Coronation

  • Voting! The Monarchy and Guildmaster positions are balloted.
  • The Crown Tournament Winners are announced, including the Weaponmaster.
  • The menu and venue for Coronation is finalized, all that remains is to shop and cook.
  • Be sure to announce what the fee will be to attend the coronation feast. A land should make sure the expenses are covered without making more than just a few dollars profit, or a few dollars deficit to the land.

1 Weeks Before Coronation

  • Nothing. Let the excitement of the previous weeks carry your group for an incredible day of Amtgard.
  • Remind the members about all the details of Coronation.
  • Let all the prior planing continue to play out.
  • The Regent and Monarch gets with the PM about any awards.

Coronation Day

  • Your Coronation day is marked by all the preparation that has gone into this day.

This list is taken verbatim, with slightly different formating from the Burning Lands Website. It is reproduced here for your wiki pleasure.