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Lord Malek Marlschev, of Obsidian Grove within the Kingdom of Blackspire

”Now Malek, just because you CAN break him and put him back together does not men that you SHOULD! - Sir Drake Bloodblade”



Malek started out in Mystic Seas the summer of 2000. He was recruited by his friend T'Bone. He became involved in the game at a political level when he was elected to Mystic Seas Regent in 2002 with his king Sir Swiftwind. AFter that, he moved over to VSR and served as GMR and land leadership positions.

Malek also founded and is lord of House Chiurgeon. House Chiurgeon is a service house that provides first aide to people on the field and at events / campouts.

Formerly a member of the merchant House Draco, he has taken being a merchant to his own and now provides a merchant and medic booth at all events he attends.

Malek lives with his lady Enayat and their daughter, Dragonfly.

Affiliated Groups

House Chiurgeon, House Draco (defunct)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Founder and Lord of House Chiurgeon (2001)
  • Regent of Mystic Seas (2002)
  • Titled Lord (service recognition) VSR king Sir Gideon Blackthorne (2003)
  • First Champion of BlackSpire (2005)
  • Master Scout - VSR king Overlord Nobody (2003)
  • Master Archer - BS king Sir Christian Kendric (2006)

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