Lotus Creek

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A proposed Shire of Blackspire, located in Dallas, Oregon.


Coming Soon! Still in the works. Though a flag is being made


Lotus Creek is a proposed new holding to be built on the ashes of the old Dark Horizons and Woods of the Twilight Fenn of Dallas, Oregon. The group has yet to send in the contract to Burning Lands to apply to become part of Amtgard. After all the contracts have been taken care of, Lotus creek will apply to Blackspire for sponsorship.


  • note: people here may belong to another holding because Lotus Creek is not a recognized holding yet. *


  • Holder: Josue
  • Chancellor: Jeebus AKA "The Sexecutioner"

Contacts and Directions

Meets at the Academy st. entrance to the Dallas City Park or somewhere in the area. Dallas, Oregon 97338

If you have any questions ask Josue. He has contact information on his page.

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