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Josue Francome
Picture taken in Woodburn.
Chapter Dragon's Forge
Kingdom Black Spire
Started 2004
Noble Title N/A
Belted Status N/A
Belted Under N/A
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Josue Francome of Dragon's Forge, Black Spire

So because I'm Mormon I can't be threatening? - Josue

Yeah that's right. - Star Scream

Be excellent to each other - Abraham Lincoln from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"


Started out at the Dallas holding of Dark Horizons before it ceased to be a holding. He started at the age of approx. 14-15. Josue Stopped playing for a number of years until August of 2009 he decided to get back into Amtgard and joined up with the Silver Moon holding. He had not attended an Amtgard holding in quite some time (5 years). As of October of 2015, currently attends the Dragon's Forge holding.

He attempted to resurrect the old holding of Dark Horizons AKA Woods of the Twilight Fenn. The new Holding didn't take the same name. The proposed name at one time was "Badfounderland" acknowledging the dysfunction of two previous holdings. The second name that was being considered for use is "The Steel Arches of Life, Liberty And Death" or (SALLAD) which is the name of the town the holding will be started up in spelled backwards (Dallas). The name of the holding was agreed to be "Lotus Creek" because of the Japanese gardens at this location. A few individuals including (but not limited to) Sir Gwaine and Delfino had offered a hand in support of forming another Dallas, Oregon holding. Due to the Economy and a generally spiteful employer Josue was forced to disband the holding of Lotus Creek. He then moved to Oregon City and sucked at life for a while. Josue has not been active in any holding for quite a while and resided in various places around Portland, Oregon.

The Primary weapon that is used by Josue is a 6'2" Pole-arm made from bamboo given to him by a friend of the Lotus Creek holding. It is in disrepair but soon it will breathe again.


Josue's background is Based off of the Moorish influences of the history of Spain. Spain's history was forever changed by the cultural significance of the Moorish cultural achievements, technology and style of war. Josue owns a Shemagh but does not wear it in the proper fashion, but simply as a scarf-type object

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