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Baroness LadyJae Aboowhogod, of Falling Fire, Neverwinter

Baroness Lady Jae, from the rebel lands known as Falling Fire, in the great kingdom of Neverwinter

"As an Amtgarder, you have raised the bar of what can be accomplished in such a short time through commitment, perseverance, and passion." Sir Kelbo D'Monet


Jumping into an office position from day two of her Amtgard career, Lady Jae has strived to do well in everything she tries. From learning new skills to teaching, from shadowing events to running them, she is not afraid to push the boundaries and try new things. Every success and every loss is a lesson she is willing to learn from.


  • Lady - Given on 08-19-2017 by Sir Pumpkin Jack for "helping to revitalize a park and providing excellent leadership"
  • Baroness- Give on by Archduke Sir Kelbo “Both in recognition of continued service and gratitude for superb attitude and effort.”


Warriors - 4 -

“Though she be but little, she is fierce”

Dragons - 6 -

Garbers - 6 -

Roses - 6 -

Lions -4 -

Officer Positions Held:

  • 05/16 - 10/16: Pro-Temp Regent of the Barony of Falling Fire
  • 10/16 - 05/17: Regent of the Barony of Falling Fire
  • 05/17 - 11/17: Regent of the Barony of Falling Fire
  • 11/17 - 05/18: Regent of the Kingdom of Neverwinter (Shadowing Sir Kelbo)
  • 05/18 - 11/18: Regent of the Kingdom of Neverwinter


  • From her second week in Amtgard, Lady Jae served as regent. Pro tem Regent for a term, followed by a year in local office. Putting Falling Fire on the map in the Annual food fight food drive, she has continued to do this every year since. Lady Jae has had the local newspapers do reports and feature Amtgard locally in a positive light. She followed up her terms at the local level with two terms in office as Kingdom Regent, getting a lot of experience behind the scene for not only the regency role but shadowing as Monarch as well.

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