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Man-at-Arms Kraken Broken Tooth, of Knight's Rest, Tal Dagore, Sea Father of House Mare Stellarum

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Kraken was introduced to Amtgard by his friend Tisco in college circa 2012. Lack of equipment and motivation on Kraken's part saw him dabble briefly in Amtgard with little concrete effort. It wasn't until nearly three years later Tisco once again approached Kraken to join him in going to a small local larp. Kraken would spend the next three years heavily involved in this larp; reaching the rank of Missions Moderator and later Lore Moderator within said larp. It was here Kraken first met Sir Bighead Cachinnate, who extended the invitation to spar at Jupiter Stones park. Once again, Kraken dabbled with Amtgard, but would not fully invest his interest into the game until July of 2019, where he took part in a park event at Knight's Rest. He has been involved at park as regularly as his schedule allows him to be.

In May of 2022 Kraken was belted as a Man-at-Arms to Sir Bighead Cachinnate.

In September of 2023 Kraken, alongside Aroura and Luthias formed House Mare Stellarum.

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