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Knivez, of the Ivory Tower, Kingdom of Rivermoor.

Knivez Arching.jpeg


Knivez began Amtgard in September of 2005, in the Ivory Tower. He has quickly grown to be a respected member of the park, not only for his attitude, but for his maturity at accepting responsibilities. He is a former Noufu of Clan Raion, a skilled archer, and a skilled assassin.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Knivez has no belted family.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Archer, given July 20, 2014
  • Regent of the Ivory Tower, November 2010 - April 2011
  • Guildmaster of Assassins, July 2007 - January 2008
  • Guildmaster of Assasins, January 2007 - June 2007
  • Guildmaster of Assassins, August 2006 - January 2007

Additional Images

Knivez Militia Battle Arching.jpeg

  • Knivez, during a militia battle.