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Kimjin Jong the Absolute Illest, of the Barony of Stormhaven within the Kingdom of Viridian Outlands



Began Amtgard in the Valley of the Trident in December 2014 until he moved to Spokane in 2017 and became a regular member of Stormhaven and is still there to this day. Kimjin is well known for his ridiculous amount of traveling within VO, BS, and NL and considers all 3 kingdoms his home.

It was brought to his attention by a friend that his poetry had potential to become his own path to knighthood and he began to pursue that with a fervor. Kimjin worked diligently on awards and speeches in the forging of a untrodden path along the dragon ladder that was completely his own. Eventually culminating in his knighting at NLCC spring 2023.

Amtgard is a game he loves every part of-both on and off the field-and he always is in the pursuit of bettering himself and his friends as they grow and shape the game around them.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Awards and Titles



  • Granted the Title "The Absolute" on 2017-03-16
  • Given the name Bard of Bards, Voice of Blackspire by Ser Uriel
  • Traveler of the Winds
  • Once Great Goblin Pr1Nz of the Outlands

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