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Barones Keena Brünnhilde Rôkasuluk, of the Duchy of Ivory Tower under the Kingdom Of Rivermoor

Keena Brunhilde Ravenwing
Home Park
Duchy of Ivory Tower
Year Started
Noble Title
Fav Class
Scout/ Druid


Keena Brünnhilde Rôkasuluk Means Keena-Brave; Brünnhilde-name from an ancestor on mother side; Rôkasuluk-Ravenwing, Father family were archer who was known for using raven father on arrows.
Keena started her Amt-life in 2012 in the Barony of the Ivory Tower. You will see her on the battlefield with braids in her hair. But in court, she lets her hair down. She is always ready to help with armor, feast, and clean up. The Norse Goddess and Gods are her guides. She fights with a bow and a sword at her side.
Off the Field, she is known for her scribe work, was given the First Dragon by Baronet Zhao Squall of Barany of Ivory Tower because she made the awards for him and then told to make it her self then received her second for making the First.
Was made Lady at Curse of the Great Pumpkin 2014, by the Duke Baronet Roken Clydeson of Duchy of Ivory Tower, before he steps down.
Was made Barones at her homeland of Ivory Tower in 2017 by Marquis Etiene de Money.


  • The outer circle is black to make the owl look like the moon, owl and the arrow are white.
  • Arrow - Martial readiness; if with a cross it denotes affliction; a bow and arrow signify a man resolved to abide the uttermost hazard of battle. On Father side
  • Owl - One who is vigilant and of acute wit. On mother side
  • Crescent Moon - One who has been honored by the sovereign; the hope of greater glory (horns to the chief) Father side

Belted Family

Taken Monukso as a page in 2015. In 2016 Monukso was call back to the family estate. Keena Hope, he will come back to Ivory Tower soon.

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